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"An Olio Zone"
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Paul Licce Photography
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I was born and raised in Texas and in my late teens I began spending more and more time outdoors, wandering up and down the Navasota River. One of my friends lived on 40 acres, just above the riverbank, and we spent most high-school weekends camping out and exploring that rich, brambly piece of land. I grew to feel deeply connected to nature, and that connection continues to inspire me and provides for me a sense of belonging to a world that is full of mystery and surprise.
My formal education includes an undergraduate and graduate degree in modern dance, and a graduate degree in counseling, but my interest in photography has been with me all along. In addition to enjoying the sheer physicality of modern dance, I was most interested in the choreographic aspect of the art form. For me, choreography is much like photography: finding interesting, artful ways to present and arrange “things” in space, encouraging the viewer to stop for a moment and take careful notice of the experience.
I fully embrace the idea of taking “artistic license” and happily use digital software to enhance and manipulate my photographs. I sometimes use layering software to exaggerate an aspect of an image, aiming to further the magic that I sense in the scene I’m photographing. There are times, however, that I feel satisfied with a photograph straight out of the camera, sensing that it communicates best in the realistic, unedited version of the original image.
For many years my photographs sat in boxes on a closet shelf or stored on hard drives. In 2013, I shared some of my photographs with a visual artist and she encouraged me to step out and show my work - and so I did! I am grateful for her encouragement and these days I am pleased and excited to share the images that catch my attention and find their way through the lens of my camera. 
My website: www.paulliccephotography.com

My website: www.paulliccephotography.com